Teulera Montonega





Technical features:

Wine made after having made the manual harvest of the vines you are located besides 500 meters of height of the level of the sea. 85% is of the variety montònega and the other 15% is Garnatxa Blanca. It has had a pre-maceration of 8 hours at 15ºC and has been raised in mothers. Partial fermentation in French oak boot.

Alcoholic strength: 12.5% ​​vol.

Tasting note:


  • VISUAL PHASE: Bright and luminous wine. Lime-yellow with abundant greenish reflections.

  • OIL PHASE: Intense refreshing aromas with grapefruit citrus air and subtle notes of bergamot and mint leaf. Intense floral notes of almond and peach blossom with a more consistent and particular final aroma (thyme and rosemary) that transports us to the terroir of Mascorrubí.

  • GASTATIVE PHASE: In tasting it is fresh and sweet. It has a sweet entry that is balanced with the acidity amplifying the feelings of freshness in its passage by mouth. The postgust is long and end, with good fat and without edges.

Pairing: Perfectly combines with all kinds of seafood, crustaceans and any little seasoned fish or Asian cuisine (sushi, sashimi). Ideal for cheeses with good fat content that will mate very well with the acidity of the Montònega. Ideal as an appetizer or just between hours.

Conservation and service: Served between 6-8º C.