All the proposals to live a summer to the maximum

We have already hanged all our proposals to have a total experience with us in the Zone +500 !!!

You can choose and stir hehehehe …

Discover the secrets of the Zone +500: A day tour by the Zone +500 to enjoy the landscape, know our wines and vineyards, and yes, yes, we will show you all the secrets that we have stored in each corner of our forests , vineyards and cellar. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the morning.

Enogastronómica Route: Think of the most gourmets! A walking tour and several stops between vineyards where you can enjoy the wines that come out of the grapes where we will stop with gastronomic creations thought and created for the occasion! Xic, xic Every Wednesday.

Disconnect and gallop: For the most daring. Above our four-legged friends, we will walk between vineyards and forests and enjoy our wines. You will rise up the adrenaline and you will find an insurmountable record safe! Every Monday.

Selma Night Tour: a very different night experience, with a farmer’s dinner included, to take forces and go up to the abandoned village of Selma where stories to tell you will not end up while enjoying the night sky (with stars and / or moon) with a glass of cava in the hand and cake of the town made in the wood oven. A good plan for any summer saturday!

And remember that if you are a minimum group of 6 people, we can do any of these tours at any time and day that suits you! … ah! And if you have a more original idea, do not hesitate to tell us! We love the challenges !!!  – 637 025 779

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