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The vineyards

Integrated in the biodiversity of the landscape

White, rosé and red wine adapted to the height

Following the technical criteria of the grouping, part of the vineyards of Penedès 500 are the result of the task of recovering native varieties and that adapt to the conditions of the soil and the height.

The orographic diversity of the area gives us different microclimates where we cultivate the vineyards, taking advantage of this range of possibilities to extract the best of each variety.

Slow maturation, high quality harvests

The summer day-night thermal differential favors the slow and complete maturation of all parts of the grape. Which gives us high organoleptic qualities where an elegant acidity is the protagonist.

In this way indigenous varieties such as the Parellada – Montònega and Garnatxa Blanca, or other foreign ones such as the Chardonnay and the Muscat of Alexandria show us their best potential. The same happens with the Garnatxa Negra, Tempranillo, Merlot and other varieties of black grape that also adapt very well to our zone.

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