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The origin

Heirs of the lineage begun to the fourteenth century by Bernat Figueras

From the origin to the present

We are the heirs of the lineage begun to the fourteenth century by Bernat Figueras, which contains documentation that accredits his presence to the Manor of Selma and the Valls of Marmellar in that distant century.

Since then and in an uninterrupted way the Figueras family has lived and esteemed this land turning the Inherited into a prosperous estate dedicated mainly to the cultivation of the vineyard.

Located at the Manlleu Plan, (Aiguamúrcia, Tarragona) the Penedès 500 team was born as a branch of the block planted 8 years ago, with the creation of the Farmers’ Group of the Manlleu Plan ( www.plademanlleu.com ). This legal entity brings together some 30 winegrowers of the DON Penedès, with the peculiarity of having all vines above 500 meters above sea level. In this way, the geographic scope of the Association is called Zone +500, which takes up terroirs of three municipalities and two Counties: Aiguamúrcia and Querol (Alt Camp) and La Joncosa del Montmell (Baix Penedès).

From the roots is born Penedès 500

Currently, with the intention of making known this wonderful land and the activities that are developed, the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of wines is complemented by an offer of wine tourism.

With the organization of pedagogical and leisure activities we look for our visitors to enjoy this privileged place and the work that is done.

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