Winter & Calçotsin the +500 Zone

Time to prune the vines, and roast the calçots on the vine cuttings… and all the activities you can imagine.
Let yourself be carried away by the creativity of our team and choose, or make us a proposal, of what you would like to do.

Once the harvest is over, autumn arrives with stillness, calm. The colours and perfumes of the woods and vineyards stand out like no other time of the year. The fruits that nature offers us change, and we would like to drink a glass of hot wine, together with some moniatos and chestnuts. Walk around the area and forget the clock.
It is also time to start harvesting olives, and taste the new oil of the year, with a toast of peasant bread. This oil we make in our old stone mill, helped by our burrito “Amadeu”. The smell of freshly milled olives, and their taste, is an unforgettable experience!
Time also to go thinking about Christmas, the “tions”, the Cava, the wines…
In short, all this magic you will find here, with us, the team of Penedès 500, in Cal Figueras, Km 0 of the Zone +500.

We look forward to seeing you!

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