Christmas activities in the Zone +500

We already have everything ready for this coming winter!

Taking advantage of the Christmas holidays and the cold weather, we hope you will not stay home and also want to discover the landscape of our territory with the proposals that we have prepared:

  • Hunting Tions between vineyards: A family experience among vineyards, where old and young people will enjoy and where the protagonist will be the Aion.
  • Warm wine due to the cold winter: Our Uc and Gelaber monks will show you how the Pimentat Wine was held in the Monastery of Stes Creus. A hot wine to fight the cold … and some laughter that we will surely find.
  • Sunset in Selma: A classic already in our calendar, which for this time is still more relevant … because have you imagined to see one of the last sunset of the year with cava and coca in an idyllic place such as Selma ? and do a night walk between vineyards and forests? what does it sound like?
  • Visit the Celler del Avi: To transport you in time, enjoying our wines and cavas wedded with more and more !!

And remember that if you are a minimum group of 6 people we can organize any of these experiences or those that pass the day and time that suits you best, you just have to tell us and we organize everything; )  – 637 025 779 / 628 416 564

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