It begins a new campaign

With the usual delay compared to the rest of the Penedès, and with this climatology, almost more typical of winter than of May, our parelladas-Montonegas are opening their first leaves timidly.

In principle, this year we started it in better condition than the previous one, when the continuous rains made appear those intense attacks of mildiu. This winter, on the other hand, has been very dry and warmer than normal, but so and all the vines still have humidity under the ground and, with the sustainable pruning we have applied during the winter, they sprout slowly but homogeneously.

A new adventure begins in the vineyards of Zone +500, we face it with enthusiasm and with the tranquility of doing the job well done. We are the first ECO-SUSTAINABLE area and, our grapes, extraordinary to elaborate the best wines and cavas of height.

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