Rovellons and good wine … have any doubts?

Nyami Nyami

Yes, yes, last Sunday we could enjoy the summer of San Martín with an unbeatable company: new friends,rovellons i bon vi!

We could teach our project and Celler-Museu to a very handsome group that still further improved the atmosphere and the goal of this and all the tours we do in the Zone +500: Have fun!

Rovellons roasted in the fire brackets and combined with our Bermell and Nou de +500, surrounded by vineyards, installed in our chill-out and with that sun of autumn … ooooo which unique moments !!!

And more than we want to pass !! Do not miss this tour … it’s over … when the Rovellons finish!

We will wait for you!  – 637 025 779 / 628 416 564

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