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The Garnatxa is revolutionized

Own Cava

  • The vintages of the area are late, late September to the middle of October, due to the altitude we are above sea level. Some year we have even come to harvest with some early snowfall.
  • We decided the vintage days depending on each variety looking for the optimal time of harvest, and therefore the best organoleptic qualities.
  • For our wines and cavas the vintage is manual not to spoil the grape.
  • Both the moment and the way of collection is done to get the tipicity of the area transmitted and packaged in our wines and cavas.
  • Once the grape arrives at the winery we treat it quickly with dry ice to cool it and avoid fermentations before time. We make light pressing to take advantage of only the flower must.
  • All this process is consistent with our philosophy of wishing that when you open any of our bottles they experience in every way the zone +500.